Every day several startups or small businesses are joining the World Wide Web and online shopping is gaining popularity rapidly. Many small businesses are into online marketing for their products or services. Online marketing is very important nowadays. With social media boom on the high business owners are looking to tap the potential of social media by marketing their products and services on social media websites like Face book, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Social media websites are very helpful for small business owners in developing their business and sustaining their customers for the future. Social media offers higher visibility to the customers as opposed to any other media. The coverage is wide and also very easy to achieve. It helps the owners to connect with the customer directly. Also it can provide instant access to the feedbacks of the customers.

Research has found that many small and midsize businesses are mainly using social media for their online marketing. Social media also helps them in engaging the customers and also learn from the mistakes, if any. There are several forums in the social media where these things are widely discussed. There is also the chance of the satisfied customers spreading the word of mouth to other potential customers. In this manner, the small businesses are now able to build a brand quite easily and reach out to consumers locally as well as globally.

The interactions on social media helps the customers believe that the companies are being genuine and its public presence on social media withers away any doubts in their minds. The growth in businesses is quick and more than expectations. Small businesses by being active on social media platforms can get back to the customers more promptly and this would help their business grow even more. A satisfied customer is more likely to come back for future business.

Today more people follow their favourite brands on social media and keep looking for offers that would benefit them. This way the business owners can make sure that the customers do not lose out on any offer any day. More followers means more business as for as the small businesses are concerned.


There is no doubt that social media marketing is gaining momentum like never before. But we also cannot deny the fact that email marketing is still one of the most trusted ways businesses prefers to reach out to their customers. People still check emails and it has become easier now with the use of smartphones.

Email marketing is much more effective than marketing on Facebook or Twitter given the fact that email allows businesses to elaborate on their offers and promotions whereas Facebook posts can be only short and tweets are even shorter. Email marketing allows the businesses to reach the individual customer which means trying to reach out to the potential customers through a very personal channel.

Email is a personalized channel compared to Facebook and Twitter. Even though businesses are making their presence felt through Facebook and Twitter, they still believe in email marketing to a large extent. There is a chance that people may not check Facebook or twitter accounts for a day or two but hardly a day goes by when people don’t check their emails. Sending emails with great content would mean that the customer is reminded of your brand every day and would get back as soon as he gets something interesting.

Many businesses offer a 10% or15% discounts on the purchase if the user agrees to be on the mailing list. This shows that email marketing has still not lost its charm. By allowing a particular company or business to send them mails the user is willing to know of the offers and promotions of the company and it would be only a matter of time before he makes a transaction.

Research has shown that email marketing is quite effective when it comes to conversion rates compared to social media marketing. Also Facebook and Twitter are places where people try to connect with friends and family. Few tweets and posts on the offers and promotions of a business may be given the miss by the customers but with the email there is sure possibility of reaching the customer through a personalized channel.