Read This! – Before You Hire a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India!

Read This! – Before You Hire a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India!

SMS Marketing is one of the most trusted options across the country to reach maximum number of people in minimum time and get desired ROI (Return on Investment). A single crisp and to the point SMS can help to expand the business and reach to the respective clients in no time. Everything is just a click away.

Today, Text Messaging is considered as the most effective and affordable tool to market any product or service. In this age of digitization, almost 90 percent of person in our country opens the text message within 3 minutes of delivery to their respective mobile phone. This is the best response rate for all type of business.

If you are planning to hire a bulk SMS service provider in India then make sure it’s a trusted organisation with customer’s database, lead generation, and effective marketing campaigns. The results can be easily measured too with the analytic tools. Bulk SMS service is an economical and unique way to take the products and services at the doorstep of your prospective customers; In the case of bulk SMS you actually reach their personal mobile number. If your text message is short and appealing, the customers definitely will read and pay heed to it.

If you are planning to hire a bulk SMS service provider in India, then read this –

Credibility Matters!

You business can reach new heights in a very less time if hire a credible service provider. A good bulk sms service provider company always has a huge number of the database to boost your business. You should also make sure that you SMS service provider company should be able to target these people on the base of age, location and profession demographics.

No filters – No SPAM SMS!

The biggest benefit of bulk SMS is that it reaches directly on the customer’s mobile number. Unlike email service, there is no option to filter text messages as spam. Make the most out of it! Send an informative 160 character message to the target audience and watch the leads growing.

Keep The Message Short & To The Point!

The SMS providers offer great services which include sending promotional messages, transaction updates, information, updates etc. using their bulk SMS API or gateway. Always focus on creating a right list and send the message to appropriate target audience.

Must Have Call-to-Action

CTA is the revolution in mobile marketing world. Bulk SMS service provider in India offers an excellent CTA features. It allows the user to make an immediate action, you can see a significant growth in the overall lead generation too.

Tracking and Optimizing Campaign

After opting for the bulk SMS, always analyse, track and optimize the package from time to time. Always think based on the customer’s perspective. Be clear about what you are trying to communicate with the target audience.

SMS Personalization?

Always maintain a personal touch in your promotional text messages. Send a text SMS to the target customer as their friend will do. Always prefer emotional marketing, this helps the business to earn loyal customers. And don’t forget to send personalized message – mentioning their name.

Final Words on Bulk SMS Service Provider in India!

Linktelmedia is a known Bulk SMS service provider in India which help companies to send text SMS to a huge number of people with just a few clicks. When a company is using this technology, they save huge on SMS marketing and pay for genuine leads only. SMS marketing has the best conversation rates as compared to traditional marketing and provides conversion tracking mechanism to analyse ROI. Call LinktelMedia now – dial (+91) 927-888-3000.

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