How to Promote Your Brand with SMS Marketing

How to Promote Your Brand with SMS Marketing

If you think that the function of SMS was only to make announcements and confirmations, then you might want to rethink that. Smart campaigners today are utilizing this marketing tool to increase conversion rates, nurture loyalty, and to build lifelong customer relationships.

Several companies use SMS marketing frequently for dealing with the high volume of work for announcements and confirmations, with good reason. Furthermore, everybody has a cell phone and most customers keep it close to them 24 hours a day.

This simple messaging service acts as a sidekick to your email or social media campaigns thus offering many benefits in promoting your brand. Here is how businesses can promote their brand with SMS marketing.

1.     Businesses can use it as a benchmark for covering all bases

All cell phones in the world can receive text messages and if businesses are campaigning to a broad demographic, or across borders. It’s cost-effective, and text messages have high open rates, meaning you’ll boost awareness even among those not able to take up your offer right now.

2.     Businesses determine customers that are still engaged with their business

Customers treat SMS as deeply personal. So, a simple request – “Hi Dave, get 50% off of your next meal when you show this message!” – can get terrific response rates. It’s an effective way to keep your lists of users up-to-date and honest, saving on admin costs and white mail.

3.       Businesses can use SMS Marketing to send offers to customers

SMS Marketing is an effective medium for businesses such as outlets or trade stores, allowing them to make timely offers and the response rates can be amazing.

4.     SMS marketing can be integrated with email campaigns

When you include URLs in your SMSs, it encourages subscriptions, which can eventually turn into a conversion. Furthermore, your total customer view will be improved through incorporating SMS into your email and ecommerce sales as it allows you to track the customer’s activity back to the SMS.

SMS can be a two-way interaction, so let your customers talk back with it. Encourage conversations even with cold names. Add a form-to-SMS to your website, allowing customers to opt in their cell phone numbers. Every touch of SMS strengthens the bond between you and your customer.

Your subscribers have busy schedules and do not have time for vague messages. Do not test their patience by making them think. A clear message will have a greater click rate by the very virtue of the fact that it is action-oriented.

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