IVR Systems: Technology Simplifying Lives

IVR Systems: Technology Simplifying Lives

We all are aware of IVR or interactive voice responses, whenever we call our customer care service for any enquiry or help, we hear a prerecorded voice .The voice welcomes us and asks about our query. It gives instructions and tells us to press specific keys to resolve the query or direct us to specific channel. This type of technology is called IVR.IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. The technology enables interaction between human and computer through the prerecorded voice. A customer interacts with a company’s host system via telephone keypad or speech recognition.

Nowadays IVR system is used in various fields like telephone services, banking and service, retail orders, travel information etc. IVR is beneficial for both customers and companies. A caller’s queries can be resolved without any delay and without employing a live agent (customer care representative). If the callers do not get their solution than the calls may be directed to a live agent. IVR system is capable of answering multiple phone numbers simultaneously.

Call centers use IVR system to reduce workforce engagement. IVR enables prioritization for individual customers having a different status; the service will prioritize the individual’s call and move customer to a queue. IVR gathers call detail information into its own database for performance report and for records that can be used in future.

IVR systems are more reliable and convenient for customers.IVR provides a sophisticated professional and useful voice mail experience. There are two important reasons to use IVR in bank, first is for customer dealing and second is to extend business hours to 24/7 and 365 days round the clock which practically would not be possible if we relied entirely on human based service.

Often Customers call in only to check balance and transaction history which does not need much personalized assistance. Customers also make payments and transactions where they use sensitive information for transaction, where we can rely on machines for data security. Pharmaceutical companies use IVR system to conduct medical trials and manage data for their patients. Hospitals and clinics have been successfully using IVR systems to allow callers to access their desired results.

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