Why Business Owners Spending Huge on Mobile Marketing?

Why Business Owners Spending Huge on Mobile Marketing?

The evolution of marketing in all the business sectors is incredible. People earlier used to highly rely on the IVR voice to connect with their respective customers. Then, the customers started looking for support round the clock and was eager to check out an immediate connecting source for quick requirements. This need of customer has given birth to mobile marketing.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is an innovative way of marketing which is also a very popular digital marketing strategy. It is the best option to reach out target audience with the help of SMS, MMS, mobile applications and different social media platform. All this can be done with smartphones and tablets or other similar mobile devices. Like a tab or iPad.

Indeed mobile phone is a revolutionary device which has made the life of everyone easy and customer and business can easily connect with each other. Whatever an individual could early do on the desktop can be now done on a mobile device with ease. That includes checking an email, reading content, watching the video, attaching file and what not. Everything is instantly accessed on the mobile screen.

How Mobile Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business & Brand?

Time Saver

Even though several industries are going gaga over the advertisements, billboards etc, still mobile marketing is considered as the most cost-effective and easy way to reach out to huge audience and customers. It takes really very less time and everything can be done instantly. When you are sending a text message via mobile marketing, it just would contain almost 140 characters. The information is short, crisp and to the point which every customer would look forward.


When we are saying marketing, it is always heavy on the pocket for both small as well as large-scale business. But, mobile marketing is the most cost-effective mode of marketing, and even small business can easily afford it as the services are available in a different price range. The best part about mobile marketing is, the campaign has more than 80% of conversion rate.

Brand Awareness

Mobile marketing is the best choice of marketing especially for the small business which is trying hard to build a brand value among the audience. With the help of mobile marketing, you can easily showcase your business ahead of the rest competitors. You can send SMS, MMS or creative message to your tech-savvy customers. This also would elevate the overall brand positioning and your customers will appreciate this easiest way of communication.

Short and Crisp

Nowadays, people don’t have time to go through elaborate advertisement, they want everything to be short and to the point. Mobile marketing is one such brilliant tool which can easily communicate all the messages in a short and crisp form. It is the perfect option if you want to share a quick promotion, message, updation or urgent information with your clients. 

brand and business growth

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Business & Brand Growth!

Following are the 5 brilliant strategies which is used Mobile marketing to boost business –

Create a mobile friendly website

If your business website is mobile friendly, Google gives the first priority to it. Always look for responsive design which displays all the information on smartphones.

Share mobile-friendly emails

Emails are definitely the most effective marketing practice for all the business, almost everyone checks email once in a day or two. When a number of people are using smartphones, they surely will appreciate a mobile-friendly email too.

SMS Marketing

Still SMS and MMS marketing play a vital role in business growth, people always check their texts and pay heed to it. You can easily establish an SMS marketing campaign and promote your business. The best part is, SMS marketing doesn’t need an internet connection, and everyone can get the update without internet.

Focus on Location Based Marketing

With the increasing use of a smartphone, you can excel in “geo fencing”. Which means sharing messages to users within a special area of your location. For example, if someone is searching for a coffee shop near him, your cafe can welcome him with a lucrative offer like purchase 2 coffee and get a bowel of  French fries complimentary. This will encourage him to visit your store.

Customer Loyalty

At the end of the day, a loyal customer is very difficult to earn. Always provide them with best mobile customer service. This will encourage them to be loyal with your business and you can also get new leads from existing customers.

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