The New age of Marketing via Mobiles

The New age of Marketing via Mobiles

Nowadays, mobile has become the part and parcel of daily routine. Our day starts with mobile and ends with mobile. Mobile has become most essential device for communication, entertainment and a major Source of gathering information.

Mobile plays a vital role in marketing for the consumers that are too busy to search for the things in local market. In fact, they prefer using their smart phones for checking the details of any product on their smart phone. There are so many apps available to assist them in having their desired results. There is less risk of fraud in online marketing.

Now, Companies are providing very convenient facilities to their customers to get greater customer base. Youth of today does not want to waste his time like rushing in markets, selecting products, bargaining and so on. That’s why they just pick their smart phone, open an app and buys the product. That’s the big saving of time, money and resources. We can also send our feedback. Feedback of customers is also entertained by sellers.

The rating of product by the customers implies their satisfaction from the quality of product. Most of the people check the rating to be assured about the deal. This has been proved to be an authentic tool to know about a product from users instead of fake marketing reviews.

On the other hand manufacturers are also happy as they have found smart phones to be an effective platform for advertisement. SMS, Voice SMS, notifications make it a deal for buyers as well as for sellers. At the same time privacy of customers is maintained in mobile marketing.

The best benefit of mobile marketing is online payment. People don’t need to carry the cash or swipe the credit cards. Mobile is not only used in e-shopping but also shopkeepers use mobile in physical store too. Many shopkeepers save your contact number, and they notify you about their product and discount offers

We are definitely witnessing a new age of marketing through our mobile phones, though there are few drawbacks but we can ignore them for the advantages that we get through mobile marketing.

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