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SMS-Apps for Online-Web and Software developers and integrators

Developers create innovative applications which increasingly leverage SMS functionality in order to reach end-users. Website developers, IT-software vendors or system integrators can integrate SMS functionality into proprietary applications or directly into programs created for their clients (e.g. SMS-CRM, SMS-ERP, SMS-CMS etc...). This enables them to offer end users the option of requesting and/or receiving information anywhere anytim, while on the move, without having to have a computer available. Simply by using mobile-phones and text messages (sms). The Linktel Media SMS-Gateway can be integrated in less than 20 minutes in a straightforward process with no fixed set-up fees.

How can online-web and software-developers benefit from Bulk SMS mobile marketing?

There is no end to the benefits of Bulk SMS. Developers can offer a host of advantages to their end users.

Improve your customer service

Use SMS Gateway applications to supply customer service or technical support by developing a fast, easy, reliable channel in addition to e-mail or IVR channels. Allow customers to interact with the system 24X7, for an always-on solution at remarkably at reasonable costs.

Integrate the SMS channel into communication systems to enable agents, distributors and end customers to interact, avoiding costly, inefficient phone calls. Allow your clients to interact directly with systems/applications via text message, to check their account balance, request prices and availability of articles in warehouse, etc.

Signing up to services / themed communities

Create services and themed communities as part of your website/application encourage to users to register: clients can sign up to the service by sending an SMS to +91-9999-000000 with the following text "YOUR BUSINESS NAME".

Send and receive broadcast SMS to groups

Update users one at a time, in groups or all together in broadcast as you prefer, or during live events as they happen. Use the Receive SMS service to receive comments from users, which you can repost and share in real time on the web, or by texting the whole community.

Secure user identification

Verify clients’ identity during all processes such as sign-up or accreditation in which, whether legally required or for greater security, it is advisable to identify clients by using the mobile phone/SIM and ID associated with it.

Internal communication

Integrate SMS for alarm systems, troubleshooting and fault management, so as to send an immediate, personalized notification to staff/help desk centres.

What if you have no mobile numbers available?

There are various ways of gathering mobile phone numbers:

By simply publishing on all promotional materials (signage, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) “Send an SMS to +91-9999-000000 with the words YOUR BUSINESS NAME"
If you have a website, by adding a registration form where users can enter their mobile numbers.