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Gym and Sport

Send bulk SMS to members of gyms, fitness and sports centres

SMS mobile marketing is becoming the top advertising channel for gyms and sports centres. It’s used mainly for sourcing new members and keeping existing members up to date with useful info, promotions and news. SMS marketing is simple to install, and the cost of SMS publicity is remarkably cheaper than newsletters, printed materials, magazine or radio ads, with a very high ROI. The Linktel Media SMS Messenger service is super simple to use, from any computer.

How can gyms and sports centres benefit from SMS mobile marketing?

New members

Send incentives to prospective customers by sending special offers to those who sign up (e.g. if you pay for one month, the second is free), or messages to remind people when their membership is about to expire.

Generate new contacts

Create an SMS club for your gym: customers can sign up to the service by sending a text to +91-9999-000000 with the words "NAME OF YOUR GYM", and you can then send them useful information or update them on news (new courses, new opening times, and so on).

Promote courses and events

Promote courses, events, initiatives and special appointments by sending text alerts to your members. With a single command you can send the same message to everyone simultaneously.

Improve customer service

Send SMS gyms and SMS sports clubs messages to members to let them know if the lesson has been cancelled or postponed, saving them precious time and money...

What if you have no mobile numbers available?

There are various ways of gathering mobile phone numbers:

  • By simply publishing on all promotional materials (signage, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) “Send an SMS to +39 339 99 41 52 52 with the words NAME OF YOUR GYM"
  • If you have a website, by adding a registration form where customers can enter their mobile numbers
  • By asking for mobile numbers when people join your centre.