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Mobile Marketing for marketing agencies and digital B2B publicity

Mobile marketing via text message has become a must-have tool for successful business marketing, wherever your company is based. SMS advertising is a powerful means of communication that can be of use to all those businesses wishing to carry out marketing campaigns to large databases of mobile numbers.

Skebby allows the mobile channel to be integrated with your own website/web server or application through simple programming interfaces (APIs). It takes just minutes to sign up to the Skebby site for free and start integrating our APIs. Our code examples make the process even quicker and more straightforward. Alternatively, you can use the online web SMS Messenger panel to manage your clients' SMS publicity campaigns.

Text messaging is a direct, effective means of communication and it can be used for marketing campaigns, keeping your customer contacts up to date, or providing support and assistance. Messages allow you to make speedy, high-impact contact with your chosen audience, and the results can be seen immediately.

How can marketing and digital PR agencies benefit from SMS Mobile Marketing?

Announce promotions

Offer your clients the SMS contact service. They'll be able to announce promotions to their customers via simple text messages.

Generate new contacts

Help your business clients to create and grow databases of users who opt in to be contacted, in order to grow their business. Users can sign up to the service by sending a text to +39 339 99 41 52 52 with the following message "YOUR BUSINESS NAME", and this way companies can build up a database of mobile numbers.

Promote events

Add SMS publicity as a channel for promoting events that you organise for yourself or your clients. It's cheaper than other kinds of promotion, and you'll be sure it gets to your target audience. By activating the receive SMS service, you can get RSVPs via SMS, direct to your e-mail inbox or website.

Improve customer service

Help your business clients to open up a dedicated channel of interactive customer services using SMS.

What if you have no mobile numbers available?

There are various ways of gathering mobile phone numbers:

  • By simply publishing on all promotional materials (signage, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) "Send an SMS to +91 9999000000 with the words YOUR BUSINESS NAME"
  • If your client has a website, by adding a registration form where users can enter their mobile numbers
  • By requesting numbers through loyalty card schemes, or simply asking customers directly.