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Real Estate

Send text alerts for buying/selling homes, offices and garages

SMS mobile marketing can be used to help estate agents send and receive SMS real estate messages from their clients, quickly and cost effectively. Thanks to Linktel Media, they can send single or multiple SMS real estate messages directly from their own PC, either online or by e-mail. The service is very simple to use, requires no training and registration is free.

How can estate agents benefit from SMS mobile marketing?

New real estate opportunities

SMS real estate texts are ideal for letting your clients know quickly that a new property is on the market.

Generate new contacts

Create your estate agency’s SMS service: customers can sign up to the service by sending a text to +91-9999-000000 with the text "NAME OF YOUR ESTATE AGENCY", and you can update them individually or all at once on news, new properties for sale or other useful information. Clients can send the code of a property to your mobile number and immediately receive an MMS in reply, with details and a photo of the property.

Supply pictures of properties

Send photos of available properties directly to the mobile phones of those looking to buy a house.

Announce news, updates and useful information

Send information and asking price updates on specific properties to clients who are interested.

Improve customer service

Property managers or administrators can send text alerts to remind or notify people of maintenance work taking place.

What if you have no mobile numbers available?

There are various ways of gathering mobile phone numbers:

  • By simply publishing on all promotional materials (signage, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) “Send an SMS to +39 339 99 41 52 52 with the wrods YOUR ESTATE AGENCY"
  • If you have a website, by adding a registration form where users can enter their mobile numbers
  • By asking clients for their numbers directly at your agency.