Our Journey

As we always say, “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” And our first step was taken in the year 2012 which has leaded us to our current path of success. At Linktel Media Pvt. Ltd. we assist our clients in the vast world of advertising and helps in reducing the high cost and complexity of digital service delivery through ready to use cloud messaging platform with the support of better targeted database, leading to better customer journeys and customer experience.

Our Mobile Advertising platform has been built with the mindset of offering efficiency in the industry with some really useful added extra benefits such as tracking, surveys, analytic, attachment, ticketing, lead management tools and many more.

Why Us?

The real question is why not us?

We are the front face of the mobile advertising industry for more than half a decade and have a cluster of satisfied customers. We help over thousands of businesses and send up to millions of messages / month. Our company and team know about mobile SMS marketing and promotions like the back of their hands.

Our technical team like nothing better than to innovate and build tools optimized for delivery on cell phones that meet real business promotion needs. We deal with numerous kinds of businesses belonging to different industries every day. We know the promotion challenges you face in your business and we understand your requirement. Hence, we offer the most convenient as well as suitable options for your needs and requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a simple, reliable, high performance lead generation through cloud messaging platform. From Step A to Step Z, we wish to provide a colossal platform of mobile advertising & product solution at each step to each hitch to our clients.

Our Vision

From starting our vision is to help organisations embrace mobile technologies so that they can engage better with their customers in the digital world. We are the part of 21st century which is the most digitally adapt time till now; requires quick thinking and unique approach towards work and our vision is to offer that quick thinking.

Our Beliefs

We believe that your goals are our goals and quality as well as customer satisfaction should be our first and foremost priority. Our beliefs are our strength which lead us to the road of success and will help us to create the mark of recognition on the map.

What Our Clients Saying


Latest technologies

We deploy the latest technologies to meet your unmatched IT requirements

Excellent support

Offer the most excellent support and dedicated service by a full-fledged web development team.

Best Talent

We hire only the best of talent available in the market and techniques to develop and execute your projects.

Productive Work Environment

We create a work environment where our employees continually learn as a habitual practice.

Strict Adherence to Quality

we regularly communicate with our clients and keep them aware of the latest developments.

Satisfied Clientele

Honest and equilateral commitment in understanding the needs of our clients in accordance with their requirements.