Lead Analytics

Manage and measure the
activities just the
way you want.

An Integrated solution offering a structured format

of descriptive analytics of all the lead generation

activities carried out by us.

Key Features

Global Reach

The system eliminates the worry of geographical boundaries and extends your reach across the globe.

Detailed Reporting

Every step and activity is managed and recorded in the secured format which can be analyzed on later date.

Improved Efficiency:

Implementation of this process brings more business to the company and also improves the efficiency of operations.

Customized Solutions

Most of the facets of this facility offer you customize solutions depending upon your needs and requirements.

How can Lead Analytics help you?

SMS Short Code

Short codes are a special shared number with 5 digits for 2 way communication messages which is designed for the ease of the user.

  • - A prompt automated response
  • - No limit for sub keywords
  • - Easier to read and remember
  • - Can send high volume of messages
  • - Tracking and coverage of each enquiry sent by users
  • - One to many notification

Miss Call Facility

Connecting to customers without letting them spending a single penny is possible through Miss Call alert facility which enhances the lead generation process and offers prompt responses.

  • - Prompt feedbacks
  • - Customized notifications
  • - Stay in touch with the customers
  • - Build the database of customers
  • - Event results

IVR Tracking

Extend your business reach beyond any geographical boundaries through this secured and multi-benefiting channel of IVR systems.

  • - Multi- language facility
  • - Routing based on timing
  • - Get the same professional again
  • - Routing based on location
  • - Voice mail Facility
  • - Multi Level IVR system

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