Pay Per Call

Enhance your market reach through ideal performance marketing model.

Reach, Track, Convert

Pay-Per-Call is a pay-for-performance model in which Linktel Media promote advertiser’s products and services through a large variety of distribution channels via unique response trackable platform.

Here, we will provide prospects based on the promotional activities without any filtration in the data. You will have your own panel to review the activities carrying out in the campaign.

We at Linktel Media have a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to promote your brand in the most enticing manner and as cost effectively as possible.


More prospects, More Conversions, More Business

Through our advertising campaigns you are guaranteed to receive more prospects for your services and products which will lead to generate more conversions, so eventually you will get more business and a better hold on the market.

Guaranteed minimum calls

We assure you a minimum amount of calls in all our packages, meaning doesn’t matter what effort we have to put, in the end you will have the decided number of prospect calls depending upon the package waiting for you.

Real time data viewing

All the details of the calls will be available on your panel on real time basis. Hence, you will have all the necessary information and details all the time without any waiting period. Track the calls at any hour of the day at your convenience.

Expand the reach

Pay per call marketing campaign is known for expanding the market reach of the businesses. The campaign is not geographically bound; hence it reaches people from all over the place and gives you the exposure you are looking for.

Tracking System

At Linktel Media, you can track all the activities of the campaign with the help of IVR systems and the personalised panel provided to you by us. The campaign uses following methods to help in the tracking

Targeted Audience

We will make use of the database which will match the criteria of your targeted customers only to avoid any miscommunication between the parties.