Push Notification

A Push To What You Need
Through How You See

Smartest way to grab maximum

attention and throw maximum attraction

activities carried out by us.

Key Features

Direct Communication

It is kind of direct communication with the customer, as in all the circumstances the customer has to view the notification on their phones, even if they wish to erase it. One can reach their target customers in just one go.

Long time impact

A regular flow of Push Notifications leaves a longer impact on the minds of the people and when the need arises the company is the first one to whom they reach for products or services. It keeps the customers aware all the time.

More subscriptions

Push Notifications is good way of getting more subscriptions for the company as it notifies the people about all the lucrative offers as well as other deals all the time.

Offline presence

The user doesn’t need to be online to receive the notification, meaning it works fairly well in offline mode as well in most of the cases. Hence the message will be delivered without any delay.

Higher reach

In a single second the company can reach all of their customers through a single push notification which enhances the reach of the company with a very wide berth.

How can Push Notifications help you?

Browser Notification

It’s a small pop ups which comes up on the browser screen even when the concerned website is not open. The method is generally used to re-engage as well as make your customer remember you at the right moment.

Mobile Notification

You can reach even your customers are not on your website. The concept of the mobile notification is similar to the push notifications on web browser.

  • - Big Image support or visually communicative
  • - Send multiple call to action
  • - Schedule notification
  • - Segment your subscriber
  • - Set expiry notification time
  • - Reports & Analytics

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